Topical Group on Precision Measurement & Fundamental Constants

The Topical Group on Precision Measurement & Fundamental Constants is a subunit of the American Physical Society. Its objective is to serve as a focus for research related to investigating and testing the fundamental laws of physics and their underlying connections, determining fundamental constants, and developing and improving basic measurement standards, with special emphasis on the high precision experiments that are characteristic of such research.

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Congratulations to Our Newest APS Fellows

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Congratulations to Prize & Award Recipients

2019 Norman F. Ramsey Prize
Jun Ye
JILA, NIST/University of Colorado, Boulder
"For ground-breaking contributions to precision measurements and the quantum control of atomic and molecular systems, including atomic clocks."

2019 Francis M. Pipkin Award
Tanya Zelevinsky
Columbia University
"For pioneering research on producing ultracold molecules confined in optical lattices and using them for precision spectroscopy, molecular clock techniques, and tests of fundamental physics."

News & Announcements

2018 Student Poster Competition
Winners are: Julia Cline, “Superradiant lasing on the millihertz clock transition” and William Cairncross, “Towards an order of magnitude improved sensitivity to the electron’s EDM with trapped HfF+”.
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GPMFC Workshops
The next workshop, "New Ideas in Dark Matter Searches", will be held as a satellite meeting with the APS April 2019 Meeting in Denver.

Over 300 were in attendance at the satellite workshop, "Precision-measurement Searches for New Physics," at the 2018 DAMOP Meeting. Thanks for Marianna Safronova and Dima Budker for organizing this exciting event!
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2018 GPMFC Election
Congratulations to the newly elected incoming GPMFC officers: Derek Jackson-Kimball (Vice Chair) and Members-at-Large Shannon Fogwell Hoogerheide and Matthew Dietrich.

Announcement of a New Section Heading in Physical Review A: "The Fundamental Role of Precision Measurement in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics"