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Established in 1995, the objective shall be to enhance the Society's ability to meet the needs of the industrial and applied physics community, and help the Society take advantage of the evolving opportunities in the practice and application of physics.

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FIAP Fall 2018 Newsletter
The latest issue of the FIAP newsletter is now available.
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Industry Day: Bits to DataIndustry Day at the March Meeting 2018, Los Angeles, CA
This year’s Industry Day theme is “Big Data and Physics: Bits to Knowledge,” which highlights how Big Data impacts our work, our daily lives, and physics research. New applications, services, and products are emerging as Big Data grows in importance. Sensors are proliferating, generating real-time information about the environment, traffic, status of equipment, and what is happening in our homes. Software and systems are being deployed that can digest enormous datasets and extract meaningful insights.

Videos of the five talks in “Physics That Changed the World” are available at this link.

In addition to Industry Day FIAP is sponsoring many other sessions including “Patents, Innovations, and Wars!” and “Physicists as Entrepreneurs”. You can find a listing of all the FIAP sessions in a brochure at this link.

Join your colleagues in Los Angeles for Industry Day or for the entire week. There are always interesting talks, new people to meet, and new equipment and techniques to learn about in the equipment exhibit. See you there!

APS IMPact: Industrial Mentoring for Physicists

Industry Mentoring for Physicists (IMPact) is a new mentoring program intended to connect graduate students and postdocs with physicists who work in industry. Over 400 mentors and mentees are participating, and many mentees have received invaluable information that will help them chart a course to successful careers.

To find out more about this program click on the IMPact logo above. Signing up as a mentor or a mentee is easy, and you must be an APS member to participate. Mentors, make an impact in someone’s life by signing up today. Mentees, learn more about career options regardless of what path you ultimately choose. Questions? Email

Congratulations to Our Newest APS Fellows

Gray Arrow APS Fellows from FIAP

Congratulations to New Prize & Award Recipients

2018 Distinguished Lectureship Award on the Applications of Physics
Robert Leonard Kleinberg, Schlumberger

2018 George E. Pake Prize
Richard Boudreault, Polar Knowledge Canada

2017 Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics
Asad Khan, Kent Displays