January 4, 2010


APS Journals Come Home

RIDGE, NY — As part of a new APS initiative all APS journal content from 1893 to present is now hosted on a single platform run by the APS Editorial Office. In early December 2009, APS launched our Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) on this entirely new software platform. This new platform now hosts all of the content for Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical Review A through E, and Physical Review Special Topics providing a uniform user experience across the journals. Despite all of the behind-the-scene changes, APS's clean and easy-to-navigate user interface has been maintained and improved while our highly-regarded search engine has been overhauled to provide new features and even faster response times. In addition, we have added new APS Journal accounts that will allow us to better integrate all APS services provided to readers, authors, referees, and members during the coming year while allowing users to have a more personalized view. This new foundation will allow APS to move quickly to introduce many new features across all of our websites.

APS journal subscriptions have also been re-aligned. Each journal subscription now covers the entire journal's content all the way back to its first volume. For example, a PROLA subscription is no longer need to access the early volumes of PRL if you have a PRL subscription. However, a PROLA subscription is still need to access Physical Review content from 1893-1969 and the archival content of journals for which you do not have a subscription. For APS-ALL and PR-ALL package subscribers, the main effect will be to attribute downloads of older content to the journal subscriptions rather than the PROLA subscription.

A new portal for librarians is also in the works. As a first step, the APS Journals Librarian Portal has been updated with the same look and feel as the rest of our journal web sites. Please see Transition FAQ for FAQs covering the basic changes that affect institutional subscribers. More changes will be made in the next few weeks. 
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