February 3, 2015

APS Applauds President Obama’s Goal to End Sequestration in FY 2016 Budget Proposal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Physical Society is pleased that President Obama’s proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget calls for an end to sequestration—automatic budget cuts that have been extremely detrimental to the nation’s scientific enterprise.

“As a result of sequestration, grants have been slashed; research personnel have been laid off; and major scientific projects have been mothballed,” said Michael S. Lubell, director of public affairs for APS. “APS hopes Congress and the president can work together to rid the nation of this dreadful policy.”

Although the president’s budget outlines modest increases in key scientific agencies, APS remains concerned about the long-term health of the scientific enterprise. For example, the president’s spending plan places an emphasis on technical instead of science programs.

Long-term scientific research is the backbone of technologies that have improved the lives of all Americans. The CT Scan, MRI, the iPhone and the Internet are a few of the myriad innovations that trace their roots to federally funded scientific research.

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