APS Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning?

Having a strategic plan is important as APS continues to look to the future. Strategic planning is an opportunity to:

  • Set priorities
  • Focus energy and resources
  • Ensure that we are all working toward common goals
  • Establish agreement around intended outcomes/results
  • Assess and adjust APS’s direction in response to a changing environment

What Will We Get?

A dynamic, nimble plan that is easy for everyone to understand, reflects who we are and what we aspire to, and is actively used as a guide for APS to respond to opportunities and challenges.

The strategic plan will be used to communicate both internally and externally the organization’s goals, potential actions, and metrics for measuring success/impact.


How Will We Get There?

The Steering Committee, APS Senior Management Team, staff, and volunteer leaders will work with a consultant to:

  • Involve the right people
  • Guide the process to get input from constituencies
  • Stay at a consistently high level

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Roger Falcone

I am excited that we are developing a new APS strategic plan during my year as APS President. I don’t see strategic planning as a tactical exercise, but as a process that will lay out options, strategies, and rationales so that APS can remain a strong advocate for physics in a changing environment.

Roger Falcone, 2018 APS President

Kate Kirby

The APS 2013-2017 Strategic Plan has been a very valuable roadmap, but it lacks thoughtful attention to APS scientific publishing and APS financial health and sustainability. Without these vital components, we have an incomplete plan. We need a strategic plan for the whole organization.

Kate Kirby, APS CEO

Steering Committee

The APS Board is responsible for determining the strategy of the Society and will oversee the activities of the steering committee.


  • Chair: Nan Phinney, 2015-2016 Speaker of the Council
  • Roger Falcone, 2018 APS President
  • David Gross, 2019 APS President
  • Tim Gay, 2018 Speaker of the Council
  • Julia Gonski, FGSA Councilor
  • Brad Marston, DCMP Councilor
  • Kate Kirby, CEO
  • James Taylor, COO
  • Laurie Moret, Consultant


  • Oversight/Steering of Process
  • Coordination of Subcommittees
  • Coordination of Data Gathering
  • Coordination of Member Input
  • Review of Mission Statement
  • Development of Values Statement
  • "Writing" of Strategic Plan

Member Input

Members will have many opportunities to provide input:

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APS Leadership Convocation

APS CEO Kate Kirby initiated strategic planning discussions at the 2018 Leadership Convocation on February 3 in Washington, D.C.

The aim of the session was to:

  • Emphasize importance of an APS-wide strategic plan
  • Put forward a straw-man concept
  • Lay out a rough timeline for the strategic planning process
  • Introduce consultant, Dr. Laurie Moret
  • Solicit initial thoughts/input from Unit Leaders and the APS Board

Strategic Planning Timeline