The Roster of Women & Minorities in Physics

The APS Roster of Women and Minorities in Physics is a database of contact, educational, and employment information for several hundred women and minority physicists.

Getting on the Roster

Any woman or minority physicist can enroll on the Women and Minorities in Physics roster. You will need an APS web account to register. If you do not have an APS web account, you can create one when you enroll. When you register you may also subscribe to The Gazette, the newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics and the Committee on Minorities in Physics.

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Editing Your Entry

You will need your APS web account username and password to login.

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For more information, please contact Arlene Modeste Knowles at 301-209-3232 or

Searching the Roster

Institutions and Employers

The Roster Search function has been temporarily suspended while we consider modifications to the service.

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