Committee on Careers & Professional Development

The membership of the Committee on Careers and Professional Development consists of nine (9) persons selected by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three-year terms. The President-Elect appoints the Chair from among the members. The Committee is responsible for coordinating affairs within the Society concerned with career and professional development in physics and advising the Society on courses of action.

Chair: Pavel Kornilovich (01/17 - 12/17)
Hewlett Packard

Member: Anne Matsuura (01/17 - 12/19)
Intel Corporation

Member: Wolfgang E Windl (01/16 - 12/18)
Ohio State Univ - Columbus

Member: Michael S Larsen (01/17 - 12/19)
Northrop Grumman Electronic Sy

Member: Douglas W Higinbotham (01/17 - 12/19)
Jefferson Lab

Member: Scott Davis (01/15 - 12/17)
Vescent Photonics

Member: Stefan Zollner (01/15 - 12/17)
New Mexico State Univ

Member: Minhua Lu (01/15 - 12/17)
IBM T J Watson Res Ctr

Member: Scott McDermott (01/16 - 12/18)

Ex Officio Advisor (FIAP): Todd H Brintlinger (01/16 - 12/17)
Naval Research Lab

Ex Officio Advisor (FGSA): Zlatko K Minev (01/17 - 12/17)
Yale Univ

CCPD group photo 2016

Back (L-R): Pavel Kornilovich, Stefan Zollner, Wolfgang Windl, Rainer Kunz, Scott Davis, Scott McDermott. Middle (L- R): Kathy McCormick, Lesley-Ann Rennie. Front (L-R): Anashe Bandari, Minhua Lu, Crystal Bailey, Trish Lettieri, Cortney Bougher.

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